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Welcome to the wiki. We're working here to make a guide for people interested in starting and searching the NirvanaOnline Suite or just seeing the lore and methods behind things. You can edit and add pages, which would be appreciated, because Captain Starry has not the time, patience, or sanity to do all this alone. Thank you for being interested and helping!

Nirvana in a Nutshell[]

NirvanaOnline is a MMORPG made in Minecraft based semi-loosely on the books by Network Nirvana. There are currently six flagship gameworlds - AdytumOnline, UmbraOnline , ChernobylCarnivaleOnline, IkarusOnline, RoswellCarnivaleOnline, EtheriaOnline, SidewinderSpringsOnline and Mortieu: The Dusklight City - and three seasonal Gameworlds - KrampusMarchOnline, RoswellCarnivaleOnline, and MarstownOnline.

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